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Working at KHJ 

KHJ Today

Enterprise Core Idea: Self-discipline and Social Commitment.

Management Concepts:

  • Mission: Providing the best semiconductor products and service for customers.
  • Vision: Becoming the best partner with customers.


Human - people oriented.
Technology - knowledge innovation,technical innovation,management innovation.
Value - Bring profit to customers,create wealth to society.
Sharing - Together we share the responsibility and possession.
Devotion - Great enthusiasm to work,whole-hearted to give.
Responsibility - Undertaking and devotion.

Brand Concepts: Focus On Security And Energy-Saving, Carry Brightness And Sustainable Future.

Mission: Try to become the top brand in LED industry lighting.


KHJ’s management concept is “people oriented”, and it emphasizes “more pay for more work”. KHJ has perfect salary system which stands in a leading level in the industry. It pays attention to everyone’s fruit of labour and gives the equivalent salary. It concerns everyone’s career with thorough incentive mechanism and promotion mechanism.

Staff Health and Safety

KHJ has been highly pay attention to employee health and safety. It has made a worker health and safety policy and mechanism, such as ISO14000, work environment safety, work site managerment, health examination, disease prevention, dealing with emergency, major disease treatment, Psychological counseling, staff guarantee system, sparetime life and so on.

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