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Team Managerment 

As great strategic objectives, our manager’s leadership must be able to make KHJ in the existing and emerging markets to win. At the same time, leaders must make our emerging markets and business be in lead. Such as Whether they will support the growth of the people, Whether they can inspire staffs to work hard, All of those are important benefits of bring the value to company and staffs.

KHJ adopts the whole staff participation, Organizational performance and Individual performance synchronous management. KHJ is mainly from the following aspects to make efficient team:
1. Make shared team objectives - management by objectives
2. Foster team spirit, full participation work - coordination management
3. Deal with team relationship
4. Emphasize executive force
5. Estabilish learning team

There is a communication Channel between company and staff. The staffs can give suggestions to their directly managers or communicate with the directly managers’ leader as company’s open policy.

The company gets through the layered classification of the employees in time to listen to accept complaints channel the voice of the employees, and the staffs can get through E-mail or no name letter to give department managers or HRM the suggestions or complaints which must be true. The company will use the unified handling complaint mechanism to response and solving the staff's complaint, reasonablely and fairly deal with employees' complaints in the first time.

Human resource administration will not regular take an employee satisfaction survey, and the department will deal with the investigation of the information in time for problem solving.

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