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Society Recruitment 

Employing Standard

1. Morality First: The employing first standard is “moral sentiments”.
2. Pragmatic Oriented: positive, initiative and hardheaded person.
3.Good team working spirit: KHJ always sticks to believe that all success is the team shared.
4. Clear mind and singing the same song with company: KHJ firmly believes that a common goal will make us hand in hand go further forever.
5. Better position base knowledge: strong base knowledge guaranties advance.
6. Good development potential: KHJ gives the staff perfect training mechanism, cares the staff career planning, and thinks future is more important.

Recruitments Channels

Websites: and

onsite recruitment: Shenzhen talent big market and sanhe longhua headquarters

Recruitment Process

Deliver Resume: you can directly deliver resume by KHJ’s web recruiting and onsite recruiting, and human resource department will arrange specialist to sift resume.

Interview: Resume in receiving within two working days, human resource administration would call you or send email to arrange interview time, then please make sure your phone open. Please prepare individuals related certificates and resume material, clothes clean to attend the interview.

Employ: After an interview, background investigation and qualification (part position), hr department will tell you related issues and the release of the offer by phone.

Entry: Be ready for your entry related material and finish the job on physical examination, according to the agreed time to start work.

Entry training: The HR administration department and the department will organize.

Concluding Remarks:
An industry leader with a remarkable strategic and cutting-edge technology
A stage with full of passion, dream and development
A talent of the industry by many of the harmonious family
Welcome you to join us!

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