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KHJ Lighting at ADIPEC 2013-Abu Dhabi

KHJ Lighting at ADIPEC 2013-Abu Dhabi

KHJ Semiconductor Lighting Co. Ltd. (2013 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference)—one of the largest exhibitions in Oil and Gas industry in the world,goes from 10th to 13th Nov. 2013, Shenzhen KHJ Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd , one branch of KHJ group, exhibit at ADPIPEC for third time consecutively since 2010.At present KHJ Lighting is popular by exhibit in the most popular domestic and overseas petroleum and mining exhibitions.

KHJ-LED Explosion Proof Lighting Focus on researching explosion proof lighting in hazardous environment areas where a potential for explosion and/or fires exists due to flammable gases and vapors in the air, arc, hot surface, ensuring the safety and property since its foundation.

This time, KHJ Lighting brought beside the already popular models Arowana, Golden Frog and Frog series which carry the international certificates ATEX and IECEX, also the new models Polar Bear, Forest Frog and Saturn series which will carry the international certificates soon. .

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