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KHJ participated the 2014 HK Autumn International lighting Fair

KHJ participated the 2014 HK Autumn International lighting Fair

The World’s Second Largest Lighting Fair-2014 HK Autumn International lighting Fair was held from Oct 27, 2014 to Oct 30, 2014. SHENZHEN KHJ SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHTING CO.,LTD, one branch of KHJ Group also participated this grand show with a record received 339 customers from 50 different countries and regions.

At the fair, KHJ showed popular LED Explosion proof lighting Fixtures such as Polarbear,Arowana,Golden Frog and Frog series which obtained the international certificates of ATEX and IECEX.The IP test, anti-impact test and vibration test were praised highly by the professional customers.

Thanks to the experienced and technologically advanced R&D team.SHENZHEN KHJ SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHTING CO.,LTD also shown the new models Swordfish,Browbear,Forest Frog and Saturn series which will carry the international certificates soon.

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